Social Media Advertising

The Most Cost-Effective Form of Digital Advertising

social media advertising

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Social Media Advertising Campaign Management

Target the Customer, Not the Search Term.

Paid social media advertising campaigns offer REAL advantages compared to traditional PPC (pay-per-click) options such as Google, Bing, etc.

A paid social advertising campaign on Facebook can be hyper-focused.  These campaigns allow us target people with specific skills, who have specific title listed, or who have associations with a particular organization, school or company. Facebook offers a full spectrum of options, allowing us to target specific age ranges, gender groups, geographic areas, people with a particular interest and much more.

Advertising campaigns on social media offer increased flexibility while allowing us to target the customer, not the search term, opening possibilities to expand your online reach in a new way.


  • Target by Locations
  • Target by Age
  • Target by Demographics


  • Target by Activities
  • Target by Listed Skills
  • Target by Hobbies


  • Target by Previous Purchases
  • Target by Device Usage
  • Target Previous Website Visitors


  • Target a Known Group of People
  • Reach a New Audience,Similar in Characteristics to Your Current Customers

Increase Control.  Increase Conversions.

Reach your audience in new ways.

Social media advertising is a gaining in popularity and even necessity as it continues to provide more control over your campaigns. Increased targeting options and analytical insight allow us to better tell your story by reaching your desired consumer audience with your message. A message crafted to generate action. With a paid advertising campaign with Social Media Pros, you will experience a wide open, new way to reach your customers.

social media advertising

Connect with Customers

Social Media Advertising Networks

Our social advertising professionals are skilled in the design, launch and execution of advertising campaigns across multiple social media platforms. Our thorough understanding of the best practices, on all major social media platforms, allow us to deliver amazing results for clients of all sizes.  We understand advertising dollars are finite and the need to accurately connect with your customers is more important than ever.  Its time to take your marketing social, and we cannot wait to help!

Social Advertising Analytics

Measure Your Campaign Success

Social Media Pros provides transparent reporting that allows you to capture the power of social media analytics. Our advertising pros are focused on your ad performance, continually adjusting and refining your campaigns based on the data. Numbers seldom lie when it comes to determining campaign performance. Our team counsels you on your success via in-depth reporting. Our goal is your understanding  how successful your social media advertising campaigns are performing.


social media advertising
social media advertising

Fast Exposure, Fast Results

Total Control of Your Advertising

Paid Social Advertising allows you to reach your consumer audience almost instantly. Social Advertising allows you to boost conversions, gain followers, promote your brand, increase customer engagement and drive traffic to your website much faster than organic marketing. Traffic is possible the day the campaign launches.

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