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We have only 2.6 seconds to impress a user!

Dallas Website Design

Today’s consumer is online more than ever, over 90% research online before making a buying decision. When and if your customer finds you online are you putting your best foot forward, telling your story?

Your website is the front door your business on the internet, we all understand the importance of first impressions. A poorly executed website design can turn-off a customer, potentially for good.

Cookie Cutter Website Design is Not Our Thing

The Social Media Pros believe every business is different, unique. What you and your business do, and how you do it, is what separates you from your competition. We believe your website design and presence should be as unique as you are.

Our teams will work very closely with you to discover and understand what is truly needed and required of your new website design. We want you to stand out & tell your story as you wish.

Content Creation

We know content can be a struggle! Allow our team to help manage the creation and optimization.

SEO Optimization

While most agencies charge extra, Social Media Pros builds basic SEO features into EVERY website design.

Live Customers

Real-time conversation is a sales tool. We will work with you to integrate the RIGHT tools for you business.

Apartment Website Design

Mobile Optimized Website Design

You’ve probably heard the phrase “mobile friendly” since it’s thrown around so much. Responsive design goes a step further, because your website needs to look good no matter what kind of device it’s being viewed on: computer, mobile phone OR tablet. It’s true that the majority of that is related to phones, but as tablets continue to improve (and shrink!), they can’t be ignored. Regardless of type, 80% of people prefer to use their mobile device to get online.

Google makes the lion’s share of internet rules, and since April of 2015, Google’s algorithm has been ranking mobile-friendly websites higher than those that aren’t. We have to play by Google’s rules to be successful, and so does your business!

Fast Load Speeds & Great Looks!

This one can be a little tricky – aesthetics are important, especially in industries that are highly visual. It comes down to a balancing act between graphics, animation, etc. and also building the “back end’ in a way that won’t slow things down. Google penalizes slow-loading sites, and so do people. Did you know almost half of consumers think a website should load in two seconds or less? It’s easy to see how not meeting those expectations could very quickly take a bite out of your revenue.

Some Other Things To Think About:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You probably don’t want to hear a bunch of nerdy talk about semantic markup, schema and HTTPS, so trust us when we tell you they’re all really important. The short version is that we help your website build a relationship with Google and the other search engines, both in ways you can easily see and in ways you can’t. Google rewards websites that have the characteristics Google is looking for, to make them want to show you to people searching for your products or services. That’s really what it all comes down to.

We Make You Look Good!

You might think someone’s company is awesome, but your mind might change just a little if their website looks like it was built back when AOL was mailing out CDs (we know a lot of you turned them into drink coasters just like we did). If your website still has a visitor counter at the bottom, it’s past time for a refresh! Just like the wise business changes and adapts over time, websites should as well. There’s so much more available now, both in design and technology, and your site should reflect your business’ style and messaging.

What’s the End Goal?

After all that talk about how to appeal visually and how to be found more often, we need to know what you ultimately want people to do when they get to your website. Do you want them to buy something? Call you? Visit? Engage with you? We’ll write quality content that tells your story and makes them want to do business with you, depending on what actions you want them to take. From building your brand to growing your revenue, we’ll partner with your business to help reach your goals.

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